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     Kate Churchwell (K8)     

Botanical artist


Unique Kr8ivity

Born and educated in the UK, I moved, with my husband and young family, to France in 2006.  With a derelict property to renovate, a field to tame, a new language to learn and children to bring up,   `The good life' was full-on and hectic!   Now, more than ten years on,  It is time to turn my attentions to my true passions of art and nature. 

As I keen gardener, I have always been in awe of nature, of how powerful and beautiful it can be.  Over many years, a botanical study of each plant as they were placed, moved, removed and replaced in the garden revealed a love for the underdog, a respect for every plant on an equal level.  A weed after all, is merely a plant in the wrong place!.   By casting in white and stripping away all the colour, the shrinking violet often reveals itself as a well deserved shooting star!"

Working from my studio at home, using materials grown in my garden and the surrounding area of beautiful rural Bretagne, I create intricately detailed Bas Relief Wall Art that is not only beautiful to look at but also incredibly tactile.  Each piece gives a true sense and feeling of nature in 3D.  Whether it be a single flower or leaf, or a field of wild flowers, every piece evokes a feeling of restfulness, calm and tranquillity and in many cases creates a special memory. Capturing a moment in time!  

Why UNIQUE KR8IVITY? (A play on words) "It has to be almost 20 years since I sent my first text on a mobile phone and signed it 'K8',  (I still remember who it was to!).  Since that very day, everything I have ever created has been signed with that initial and it has now become my trademark.  Wanting a name for my business that reflected the essence of what I did and incorporated my name I came up with Unique Kr8ivity."  

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